Komachi Sakura Betsugakoi Futsushu


Brewery | Watanabe


Brand | Komachi

Location | Hita, Oita Prefecture, Kyushu Island

Rice | Hidomohare

Grade | Futsushu

RPR | 68%


SMV | -3


Alc | 15%

Volume | 720ml

Ingredients | Rice, koji, yeast, water, brewer's alcohol.

Tasting notes | Subtle aromas of white flowers, white asparagus and young rock melon. A fruity ume-plum suggestive driven palate with a lingering mineral aftertaste. Medium bodied and medium finish with a refined texture.


Awards | IWC 2018 Commended, IWC 2019 Bronze, IWC 2020 Silver, IWC 2021 commended, IWC 2022 Gold. 

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Elegant, clean futsu! Savoury, fruity, cereal nose. Fruity palate with red apple and pear. Rounded, creamy mouth feel. Balanced acidity, crisp, dry, peppery finish.