Our Story

European dumplings made with LOVE

The Spärrows is a modern continental restaurant offering a great variety of hand made dumplings & pasta of European origin.

Specialty of the house are Spätzle; fresh egg pasta representing a vast geographical region of South Germany,Switzerland, Alsace, Austria & Sud Tyrol - Trentino & Alto Adige of Northern Italy.

The Dumplings menu expands further to European classics, such as take on Russian Pelmeni, Polish Pierogi, Italian Ravioli and fresh rolled Pasta.

All complimented by a choice of traditional/regional sauces & daily baked bread. A cup of Italian coffee or Japanese green tea should not be a miss inthe day, while Swiss craft beer, a glass of organic Austrian wine or fine Japanese Sake will make a perfect pairing with Goulash Tyrolese in the evening.